Background Articles about Systemic Constellations

Introduction to Systems Theory Underpinning Constellations

What Happens in a Family Constellation Workshop

Preparing for a Mindfulness Based Constellation Workshop with Dr. Chris Walsh

Beyond Superstition, Beyond Logic – A Sufi Story

Constellation work can look quite magical and therefore can degenerate into superstition. This article shows how, hundreds of years ago, the Sufis recognised the difficulties negotiating between the extremes of overly skeptical thinking and magical thinking. This is a challenge is inherent in constellation work. Ken Wilber’s “pre-trans fallacy” addresses the same issue. This concept is explained in this article also.

The Door of Compassion

In this piece, the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh shows us the level of compassion that is possible.

To make this possible we can draw on mindfulness to give us the capacity to hold other’s suffering and constellation work to give us the broader perspective.

Organisational Constellations