Dr Chris Walsh MBBS. DPM, FAChAM

Dr. Chris Walsh MBBS DPM FAChAM. is a bilingual psychiatrist working in pr ivate practice and at a Drug and Alcohol treatment centre 1n Melbourne. His psychotherapy integrates diverse theoretical frameworks. including Mindfulness, CBT. Gestalt and Self Psychology. He has worked in jails. community settings. and drug and alcohol institutions as well as with urban and tribal Aboriginal communities and with the local Spanish speaking community…

Chris Walsh has received mindfulness teacher training, as well as some relevant spiritual transmissions. He has been practicing this form of meditation for over twenty five years. Chris has organically integrated Mindfulness Meditation into his psychiatric practice from the beginning of his training as a result of assisting as at the Tibetan refugee hospital in Dharamsala in Northern India when in 1983. He has been actively teaching it for over 25 years. He runs mindfulness classes at The Melbourne Clinic and at The Epworth Hospital in Melbourne. He is on the board for the Chris Millar Foundation for Integrative Medicine and is on the advisory panel  for online lifestyle change program at the centre of Open Health which is being developed and tested at the University of Western Sydney.

Chris’s teaching is sectarian and not in conflict with any religious or atheist belief system even though much of the teaching draws on two millennia of Buddhist psychology and philosophy but not the religion. So things like reincarnation. karma and deities do not come into it. He also draws on Hindu. Sufi. Islam and Christian teachings as well as Western philosophy and science.

Chris has taken a major role in Constellation Work in Australia. He organised the first Australasian Intensive which was uniquely successful. He was on the training faculty there and at the North American Intensive training. He has given presentations at Australian national and international professional conferences on both Mindfulness and Family Constellations and had articles published on both topics. Chris is the founder and moderator of the international email group Constellation Talk since 2003. It has over 800 members worldwide.

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