Evolution of MBSC Skills Focussed Training

MBSC Training has been evolving since 2006.

Melbourne Structured Course over 12 months

Initially, Catherine Ingram and Chris Walsh developed and ran a structured introductory course together. This was a course that integrated workshop attendance with training days spread over 12 months. even though we had students from Sydney, New Zealand and regional areas of Victoria and New South Wales, this course was very difficult for people outside Melbourne to attend

Singapore Based Experiential Seminars

Since 2012, Chris Walsh has trained students in Singapore with 5 days experiential seminars each of which included 2 days of constellation workshop. Over this time the Singapore students have gradually increased their competence and confidence.

Outcomes of  These Trainings

Both of these trainings resulted in most of the students being able to safely navigate their way through facilitating a constellation unassisted. However, like most constellation trainings around the world, there was no reasonably objective assessment of competence of student practitioners.

Melbourne Apprentice System

This system has been running for the last 4 years in Melbourne. People who are interested approach Chris Walsh to join in coaching associated with the running of his workshops. If there are 4 or more students extra training days are added in. This is a more flexible approach to training.

Competency Based Training System

As a result of all this, Chris developed a modular training system with clearly defined core skills, assessment tools which double as training tools. This system clearly defines a syllabus which can be adapted to a structured course, modular training, specialist training workshops and to an apprenticeship system. It is possible for students to move from one system to another with a clear recognition of prior learning.