MBSC Student Listing

Up till 2017 Students have been listed on this page after completing the first 15 days of training.

From 2017 onwards listings of students will include a description of the competencies students have been assessed as attaining.

in alphabetical order
Training days
Trained in Australia
Robyn Bateman19+2
Graham Betley19 + 8
Marlene Butler19 + 8
Tony Byrne19 + 8
Dee Chapman19 + 2
Kim Cruickshank19 + 2
Dean Mason19 + 2
Tanmaya19 + 2
Kath Allison19 + 2
Karen Tweedy19 + 2
Amelia Trotter19 + 2
Trained in Singapore
Zainal Abidin Rahman15
Nicon Chin15
Louise Favaro15
Lucy Heng15
Manju Melwani15
Ya-Ning Tung15

The days after the plus sign refers to practice days follow on from the Introductory course and consist of one day where each student facilitates a constellation in a workshop setting followed by a second day of supervisor and group feedback and reflections.

Pre 2017 MBSC Student Levels of Training

There will be three levels of training

  1. The fundamentals.
  2. Integrated practice
  3. Advanced skills

At the end of fundamentals training students should have basic competence and some fluency in the application of mindful constellation work. Students will be listed on the website after completing 15 days of fundamentals training.

At the end of Integrated practice training the students should have enough fluency in the core skills that they should be able to manage difficult cases. They will also form some meaningful integration with other therapeutic approaches they may have learnt

With advanced skills the students abilities and integration will further deepen and they will be able to apply the principles of mindful systemic constellation work in a wider range of settings.