What is MBSC?

MBSC: Mindfulness Based Systemic Constellations

Finding a way

To flourish as an individual and

Belong to the group in a healthy way (family or organization)

Systems are about connection

MBSC is interested in systems that connect people. Such as Families and Organizations.

These are organic systems as opposed to machine systems

The human body is an organic system.
Biology is the study of how this organic system works.
The whole planet earth is an organic system.

Organic systems have a highly complex self-regulating capacity.

The body regulates blood pressure and pulse rate.
According to our need for oxygen.
There are many thousands, possibly millions of self-regulating functions like this in the human body. When these functions fail we get sick or die.
Families and Organisations also have self-regulating processes.

Organic Systems have Hierarchies

Universe ⇒ Solar system ⇒ Planet ⇒Interconnected life forms ⇒

Human groups ⇒Human individuals ⇒ Organs ⇒ Cells

⇒ Molecules ⇒ Atoms ⇒ Subatomic Particles

Lower Levels serve Higher Levels

Deaths of individual people are necessary to create space for the new humans.
Death is a self-regulating function for the species, that the individual ultimately has no choice about

MBSC works to reconcile the needs of different levels of systems

So that individuals can flourish.
So families can flourish
So organisations can flourish
So the planet can flourish
In terms of family constellations, that means finding a way that people can fully experience their individual potential while still having a good place of belonging in their family.

By respecting organic self-regulation
And the hierarchy of systems
Skilfull MBSC practitioners can create movement toward integration
Integration of a fully lived individual potential  
and healthy belonging in family and organisations.
MBSC practitioners need a powerful and compassionate mindful presence

MBSC practitioners need to nurture a creative open space in constellations where creative solutions can emerge. This requires the capacity to navigate through conflicting needs and perspectives, whilst maintaining a profound respect and compassion for everyone involved. This empathy and respect needs to be all encompassing, even to the point of including the worst of perpetrators.

This is intensely challenging for practitioners.

MBSC Practitioners have Rigorous Training to achieve this
The aim is to achieve:

Intimate knowledge of human systems, and an enormous capacity to hold emotions so that they can empathically connect with different people in the system while still maintaining objectivity.

MBSC is committed to bringing this work to its potential By making it accountable.

Systemic constellations have enormous potential

to contribute to human wellbeing

and the well-being of this entire planet.

They have been around for almost 40 years

They have been of transformational benefit to many individuals yet so far, the broader impact has been minuscule. Accountability will give this work credibility. Therefore it is crucial if this work is going to flourish and make its full contribution.

At MBSC, we are therefore committing to this accountability by:

  • Keeping our work as understandable and as transparent as possible
  • Integrating our work with evidence-based practices
  • Supporting research into our work
  • Respecting facts and repudiating superstitious and ungrounded approaches to this work
  • Clearly distinguishing between facts and hypotheses
  • From 2017 onwards, clearly listing competencies that trainees have been assessed as having attained.