csilverCatherine Silver

(M.A. Family Therapy; Graduate Diploma Applied Science (Psychiatric Nursing); VAFT clinical member; Credentialed member of Australian College of Mental Health Nurses inc.) Currently, Catherine is training to become a certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist.

Over the last 15 years Catherine has worked in the Mental Health community and privately with families, couples and individuals with a particular interest in developmental and trans-generational trauma and the subsequent impact on self and relationships.
Her studies and practice of ‘Contextual Family Therapy’ led her to an interest in Family Constellations. Since 2003 she has attended two intensive training groups in Bemreid, Germany and has attended many workshops run by leading trainers in this fie ld from around the world. She has facilitated many constellation workshops in Melbourne and Brisbane, and is a co-founder and trainer of MBSC.
For 26 years she has been a member of the SGIA- a Buddhist lay organization, which has as its core values- the recognition of the infinite potential of human life; the interdependent nature of all relationships: and the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own life through mastering one’s mind. Among other commitments, she is involved in the ongoing facilitation of a weekly chanting and dialogue group that is open to all.

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