Pre-Workshop Agreement

Through attending this workshop I may gain important insights into the context of your own life struggles and challenges which may effect my day to day living in significant ways. This can happen whether or not I do my own constellation.

I understand that in this workshop I can learn about myself and my family by:

  • Doing my own constellation
  • Representing
  • Witnessing


I understand that even I do  not get a chance to do my own constellation, the experience will prepare me to do a family constellation at a future workshop, if that is what I want to do.


I agree to not disclose details of the participants to any persons outside of the workshop.

Constellations are not a prescription or even a description. They provide an image of the energetic state of the family and often expose a level of truth that lies beneath the surface. I understand that the images I will see are not reality even though these images may lead to an understanding of the family that has previously been obscure. While these understandings are usually very helpful, i understand they do not represent any ultimate objective truth.


I am aware that a constellation can:

  • have a healing effect and yet they do not heal everything.
  • come across as spiritual or religious- but is not a religion
  • convey extraordinary human insights but do not replace the day to day interventions we use to keep ourselves afloat or even alive.


I understand that during the day I may be brought into contact with painful memories or unexpected feelings and images and therefore become overwhelmed with emotions. If in the unlikely event that it gets too much for me I can notify the facilitator and if necessary, leave after the next break. In any case I can contact the facilitator over the next few days for a debriefing.

Some people feel tired and drained for one to two days after the workshop and possibly for some days following.  This almost always passes  and usually is followed with a sense of integration and possibly healing. However, I understand, that if after a couple of days, I am still disturbed. I can call the workshop facilitator or organiser for a de-briefing.



Testimonial from one participant:

I found it to be on amazing experience. It gave me on insight into my family situation. which was sad and a little disturbing but nevertheless very real. It was amazing how clear I felt my intuition was when being a representative and also observing the other representatives in their roles. I felt the whole day was a great insight into the difficulties some families face and the huge illusion and distortion that can cover the reality and truth of the situation.